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Pastor Kenneth Richardson is an Authorized Producer at Houston Media Source in Houston, Texas USA for the past fourteen years, He Produced, Direct and Edit His own shows for viewing all around the world.

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Pastor Kenneth Richardson and Minister Muriel Richardson married for then past for 47 years Father of two beautiful daughters and three handsome young men. Six gran and three great gran, Pastor Kenneth Richardson is an Ordain Minister with Kings Way Fellowship Int, since 13th September 1991, Founder, President and Senior Pastor and of Evangelical Outreach Ministries International Fellowship.Founded Churches in Trinidad WI, India and the United States of America

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Welcome to Evangelical Outreach Ministries, a ministry committed to reaching out with the Gospel of the Kingdom, through Revolutionize Media Evangelism. This Gospel of the Kingdom Revolutionize my life, and I believe it can do the same for others, it revolutionize man's  spirit, soul and body and we are committed to preach, teach, this good news of the Kingdom by every possible media, Cable Television, Internet Streaming, Internet Radio, Skype, Conferencing, Networking with  Local and International Pastors, support to missions and other Born Again believers who love the Lord. and of like precious faith. To learn more click  "The Great Commission"                                         

Pastor Kenneth Richardson is a Producer with HMS TV in Houston, Texas, Director, Editor for TV Show "OUTREACH" which can be viewed around world, Television and  Radio Evangelist, Conference speaker,President and CEO of Kentel Communication Services

.REVOLUTIONIZE MEDIA EVANGELISM Revolutionize Media Evangelism for the twenty first century. I believe, with the increase of new technologies it gives the Church one of the greatest tool for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission and empowering men and women all around the world to take this Gospel of the Kingdom through the different organize Media to revolutionize the lives of men and women in the twenty first century  This coming year 2014 we will be focusing on live shows it all will be done at HMSTV Studio at Robert Street Down Town Houston, Texas.


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